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AcidRecovery.com is your resource for info on acid recovery systems. It features information from and about Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. and the companies that we work with to provide acid recovery solutions.

Acid Recovery Systems
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Welcome to Mech-Chem Associates' Acid Recovery Web Site. Mech-Chem Associates, Inc. is a full-service design and build engineering firm with specialized knowledge and experience in the Design, Engineering, Construction, and Start-Up of Acid Recovery and Purification Systems. We provide a variety of engineered systems for handling the following acid recovery and purification applications:

Acid Recovery & Purification Systems
Diffusion Dialysis Systems

    Diffusion Dialysis utilizes a membrane technology to recover and purify various process, spent, and waste acid solutions. It is a low cost technology that is effective for numerous acid applications.

    • Acid Purification and Recovery
    • Dissolved Solids Removal
    • Applicable to All Strong Acids
    • Reduce Acid Purchases
    • Reduce Waste Disposal
    • Process and Acid Bath Optimization
Filtration and Centrifuging Technologies

    Filtration and Centrifuging Systems are designed to provide mechanical separation for removal of solids and un-dissolved particulates from primary acid solutions, mixed acid solutions,
    and waste acid solutions.

    • Acid Solutions
    • Solid / Liquid Separation
    • Fine Solids Filtration
    • Minimize Chemical Usage
    • Reduce Waste Disposal
    • Optimize and Extend Bath Life
Distillation Systems

    Distillation systems are designed to provide fractionation and distillation of acid solutions including process, spent and waste acid solutions to produce high purity recovered acids.

    • Acid Separation and Recovery
    • Removal of Dissolved Metals and Materials
    • Water Removal for Acid Concentration
    • Fractional Distillation of Mixed Acid Solutions
    • Acid Streams: Hydrofluoric, Hydrochloric, Nitric, and Sulfuric Acids
Vacuum Evaporator Technology

Vacuum Evaporators use conventional climbing film evaporative principles with a horizontal tube arrangement. The vacuum evaporators are designed to produce high purity distillates while maximizing volume reduction of chemical wastes, wastewater, and waste acid solutions.

  • Vacuum/ Atmospheric/ Vapor Compression
  • Waste and Wastewater minimization
  • Acid Distillation and Purification
  • Closed Loop Waste Recovery Systems
  • Zero Discharge Wastewater Treatment Systems
Distillation acid recovery system